How Sleep Hygiene Affects Academic Performance

            Life as a full-time college student has the potential to be an enjoyable, rewarding experience. Students are given the opportunity to learn from expert professors, make friends on campus, and participate in amazing clubs and organizations. However, graduating from college is not an easy endeavor. Difficulty arises when young adults are suddenly required to maintain … Continue reading How Sleep Hygiene Affects Academic Performance

The Great War: Four Years of Violence

Prior to the commencement of the Great War in 1914, Europe had endured many conflicts over the previous two hundred years. In fact, many major military powers in Europe had been borne out of political and social conflicts such as the unification of Germany and the French Revolution. However, the world had never seen anything … Continue reading The Great War: Four Years of Violence

Germany And Italy

During the late nineteenth century, desire for political reform swept through Europe. Modern ideas like nationalism, socialism, and more became increasingly popular amongst the working-class citizens of European countries. Unfortunately, many government systems were not properly equipped to handle the conflict brought about by rising political, social, and economic dissatisfaction, meaning that most attempts at … Continue reading Germany And Italy

1848: Tumult Across Europe

Approximately forty years after the French Revolution ended, political unrest was once again on the rise in France and throughout Europe. During the first half of the nineteenth century, the entire continent of Europe was undergoing a transformation. The population nearly doubled in some areas (Berman, 78) and new inventions in transport, technology, and communications … Continue reading 1848: Tumult Across Europe


Francois-Marie Arouet was a French philosopher and writer. Better known as his pen name Voltaire, he rose to fame due to his disquisitions on political and religious issues during a period in history known as the Age of Enlightenment. The Enlightenment brought about numerous revolutionary philosophies on topics such as natural liberty, religious intolerance, the … Continue reading candide