Rethinking the Recital

As a piano teacher I have had the unique opportunity to participate in recitals and performances from two very different vantage points. One of my vantage points is that of a piano and violin student. In the past, I would go to lessons, practice hard, and sometimes memorize the piece my teacher had assigned. Throughout the … Continue reading Rethinking the Recital


One of my favorite musical expressions is teaching piano. I am a relatively new teacher, and so I still have a lot to learn. One of the many skills I am trying to develop is how to utilize praise appropriately. What kind of praise is best for my students? Is praise different for each person? … Continue reading Praise


I have always been confused about what the word integrity means. I have heard multiple definitions: Honesty Doing the right thing even when no one is watching Sincerity Decency Having strong moral principles Earlier this month I was feeling curious about what other people thought about integrity. Maybe I could learn from them! So, I … Continue reading Integrity

“Just Send Money. Tens and Twenties.”

The quote and picture are from "A Charlie Brown Christmas", one of my favorite Christmas movies. In this holiday classic, Charlie Brown is depressed (as usual). He is confused by the over-commercialization of Christmas and is wondering how he can grasp the true meaning of the holiday season. Charlie is shocked when even his own … Continue reading “Just Send Money. Tens and Twenties.”