The Recovery

When I was 4 years old my parents went on a day trip to another city. My brother and I stayed at our Grandparents house in Tempe, AZ. Grandpa took us to a park that was walking distance from their home.

I was playing on the swings, and when I got to the highest point I fell backward off the swing and landed on my head. As I was screaming and crying, Grandpa took me over to our blanket and started to help me put my shoes back on. Suddenly, I lost control and failed to sit up. I remember Grandpa carrying me home and Grandma calling an ambulance. I remember paramedics arriving to take me to the hospital. This next part was told to me later: My parents were at the airport when my dad received a message from Grandpa telling him that I was in the hospital having had an accident. My Dad said he had never seen Mom run so fast.

I was unable to move my left side because I had suffered a stroke and a skull fracture. Walking, talking and even eating were extremely difficult. The only thing I wanted to eat were powdered doughnuts from a vending machine.

The next few days were chaotic. After 10 days in the hospital, MRI’s, CT scans, IV’s and lots of therapy/play, I had made an (almost) full recovery. It was shocking, really. My brain had found a way around the problem. The doctors in the hospital thought that I would have never been able to walk again or use my left arm, but there I was, riding my bike, swimming and even… learning how to play the violin!

In honor of all the friends and family who so faithfully prayed and fasted for my recovery, and the recovery itself, my family and I have a holiday every April 29th called Powdered Doughnut Day. We go to Krispy Kreme (or another local doughnut shop) and buy powdered doughnuts. And then we eat them — obviously! I am so grateful that I have been able to become musically talented after having such a tragic accident. This Powdered Doughnut Day will mark my 8th anniversary of being able to be the active person I want to be.

For the full account of this experience, click here.

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