The Danger of not Practicing


How is not practicing dangerous?

I have a theory that if you want to get good at something, you have to practice. If you play football, go to practices. If you dance, go to practices. If you play an instrument, practice. If you don’t practice, your talent will decrease and when your abilities are tested, you will feel inadequate.

What is practice?

Practicing allows us to fail in a safe environment and learn from the experience. There is no learning without failure, and the cost of failure when we are practicing is much lower that when we perform. When we practice we are not only improving the thing we are working on, but improving our mental toughness as well.

I recall an experience when I got part of a concerto to sound really good before my big violin recital. Over the next few days I was so happy with myself that I didn’t practice that part until the recital. So when I went into the warm up room and started playing, I was shocked at how terrible I sounded (I probably didn’t sound terrible, that was most likely my perfectionist kicking in). Fueled by performance nervousness and lack of recent practice, I felt like I would be unable to perform well.


My main antidote for not wanting to practice is to find motivation. When I was younger my motivation was little prizes and charts. Now it is more like the idea of becoming very good. I practice because I want to be the best the best I can possibly be.

Another way that I am motivated is to find someone who can be there to help motivate me. My parents are great examples. They never gave upon me, even when I want to give up on myself.

In summary: If you want to get good at something, think about it practice!


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